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Linienlaser X2 Crossline

Linienlaser X2 Crossline

Crossline Laser X2 selve levelling line laser complete with 2 x 1.5V AA-Batterien •long life time even in damp or dusty work surroundings •no damage of diodes by transport protection •no time consuming calibrations or settings necessary •can be used on tripod Technical Specifications Range r = 15 m (16yd) Operating temperature 0 bis +40°C (in Fahrenheit) (32-104°F) Accuracy of measurement max ±1.0 mm(1/32")/m (0.057°) Dimensions 120 x 65 x 105 mm (in Inches) (4 Ÿx 2œx 4 1/8") Batteries 2 x 1.5VAA Shelf life (20°) 12h

  • Марка:
  • Код: 270 581 000
  • Тегло: 1.000 кг
Цена: след запитване
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